Retail Interior | Weekday Malmo | Electric Dreams

Weekday is a 1000 sqm fashion store in central Malmo,opened in 2006. Entrance level hosts in-house jeans
brand Cheap Monday and top floor contains own brand.Weekday, second hand garments, and shoes. The top floor also houses a screen-printing studio, a fully equipped industrial laundry for dying jeans, a DJ-stand, and a sewing studio.
At a first glance, the interior is a maze. The angular mirrors are creating spatial confusion. It’s skewed and
chaotic, lots of edges and corners. But as soon as you start to explore the shop you realize that all functions are seamlessly integrated into a distorted honeycomb grid. The structure is creating a non-linear flow. There is no obvious route from dot A to dot B. It’s a scripted journey from jeans to shoes to fitting rooms to checkout. All with a pinch of disco flavour.

More of this retail interior at Electric Dream
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