Cafe Interior | Cafe Maximilian | Leipzig | Germany | Designed By Gruppe für Gestaltung

The Barfußgäßchen is centrally located in downtown Leipzig. Here, pubs, bars and cafes lined. On a warm summer evening, the numerous outdoor seating is a perfect opportunity, the day in Leipzig in a relaxed atmosphere to make. Long been a perfect location for Calogero Scarpinatis Café Maximilian. But beauty is fleeting - so there is the award-winning interior design only seen in numerous publications. Among other things, in "Behind Bars" of the frame publishing house.
Whether first or last drink coffee - GfG designed a room, the curved lines and bright colors combined with warm walnut just raise the young scene. The desk is in the violet light radiates eye-catching centerpiece at the same time. On the scene - such as cut from a block - is inviting with large cushions to relax, unwind and "get a conversation.".......more
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