Restaurant Interior Design | Fresh Vegetarian Cafe | Sundukovy Sisters Studio

Moscow "Fresh's" interior design was developed by "Sundukovy Sisters" studio, founded by Olga and Irina Sundukovy.

The restaurant's minimalistic interior design made of natural decor materials - brickwork of the 19th century, modern concrete, old boards from Russian villages covering the walls and ceiling, opened ventilation and author's lamps.

Olga and Irina Sundukovy aimed to create simple and honest interior design - just as "Fresh's" healthy and honest food is. At the same time they designed the interior which breaks the sectarianism idea of vegetarian food that sounds like "meat-eaters are not belong here". In opposite, 80% of Canadian Fresh restaurants' visitors are non-vegetarian. They are just people who make their choice towards healthy and tasty food...........more about the restaurant interior design
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