2014 Tips for Small Bedrooms Decorating Ideas

These are tips for creating a serene and relaxing bedroom . Keep it neutral . There are more neutrals out there than just white. Variations of beige, gray, putty, stone. The benefits of going neutral are that it's not gender specific and creates a wonderful backdrop for everybody. Another tip is to choose a fabric you love and use it in a big way on the curtains, on the duvet, and the pillow shams. And what this does is creates interest without overwhelming a room.
Give the room another function. A great idea is to put a desk instead of a night stand and it gives you a little workspace or even just a bench to put at the bed. So guys, this is not rocket science. You can do this at home too. Put a neutral on the walls, take a great fabric that you love and use it in a big way, and then give the room another function, but it still makes it really pretty.

You'll love these ideas to try in 2014! I hope you find these ideas useful and inspiring to you .... Enjoy it !!!!

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