2014-intelligent room window treatments ideas

Curtains are decorative assets, but in a bedroom where privacy is key to the direction of la Serena and quiet window treatments are the strongest allies. You can even a good night's sleep to ensure, by blocking unwanted light and noise attenuation even. Here are some window treatment options to help you, your bedroom a refuge.

Like the dining room or living room decoration must comply with a window treatment that you are looking for in your room. And a room with exactly aligned beds and furniture symmetrical placement requires an equally sharp dressing. Should not be stuffy and formal, but feel. This plush design includes a padded valance, a ledge of the window with cushioned softness called tapas. It is also a good camouflage to cover the metal bars and rings to lower the blinds. Made of material of soft touch, pull curtains closed, near the light. In general, it is the emergence of a firm and still luxurious backdrop of the bed.

For less structured style bedroom, there are many treatments of windows to choose. Roman shades offer, color and the pattern of the fabric or the structural diversity of woven fibres and deaden the noise. Shutters plantation, curtains, wooden blinds effective to control light and decoration styles are transitional measures or comprehensive in refuge part. In this room the deal they are attracted to light and noise, but also offer color and pattern in space happily. Thorny curtains add color, while the shadow of privacy fine ivory shine day light brightly.

Sometimes all you need is an effective window treatment. Blackout curtains block the light of the lining, insulation against winter chills are rolling shutters and blinds cellular can view coffee to see if privacy isn't an issue. In this room is a single broken woven Roman shade makes a clean and neat look in window. As an actor in a case of ensemble, leads as required. It complements the colors and patterns of the litter, but they do not compete for our attention, leave the bed to take the main role.

Even if one is good, that you can tell a lot, for window work two treatments in the bedroom, where function and style go hand in hand. Install a working basis, such as the shutters in plantation for the function. You control the light and noise from the outside and an insulating barrier to the cold glass. But they are hard, angular and bland. Curtain panels offer softness, color and pattern. Installed on windows, does not affect the function of blinds. They also help to create noise in the room as vapors escape for a quiet and relaxing environment.

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