2014 Interior Paint Color Trends

Bright colors will define the tradition of home decor and wall paint and will be beautiful in its appeal.because they were thought to be unsuitable will be taken into consideration and worked around with lighter colors and pastel shades to make an appealing and attractive statement where the home interior is concerned. 

2014 interior color trends will definitely take the concept of interior decor by storm2014 interior color trends will be a very focused on colors which re bright and sassy – for all the rooms. Energy, vibrancy and brightness are the key words when it comes to choosing colors and all the bright colors of the rainbow are taken into account when decorating. 

2014 interior paint color trends are all about exploring new combinations of colors as well - purple and green, pink and yellow, orange and purple, red and blue etc. are some contrasts which are going to be given attention and focus. 

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