Retail Interior | Icebreaker TOUCH LAB | Wellington | Parsonson Architects

Icebreaker is a young and innovative Wellington clothing manufacturing company who sell their products worldwide. The Wellington Airport ‘touch-lab' is their first foray into retail.

A design was developed around the idea of a sewn shop, using organic forms that could be cut, curved and stitched. Shagpile carpet forms were used, which are soft, sculptural and engaging, while the remainder of the shop is treated in a crisper more rectilinear way, where lines and layers of shelving, natural images, product images and product have been built up. Entering Wellington Airport, the shop welcomes visitors with the large open end of its cross section. Moving through the shop the curving shagpile forms start to compress and envelop the shopper in a more intimate way. Light spills out between the gaps from the lighter interior into the darker arrival corridor accentuating the varying forms and inviting exploration.....more
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